long long time ago...

21 October 2010

it been quite sometime that i have not update my blog every since i start my working life... basically i daily routine was wake up in the early morning, work, back from work, watch tv then end my day wif sleep... super damp boring life... i don hv enuf time to rest and sleep as much as i want... i miss the feeling of wake up by myself after i get enuf rest not wake up by the stupid alarm... sad case...

mayb cos of this.. i feel that my fren r getting far far away for me.. cos i don even hv enuf time by myself not to say to meet up them. i even back going back to my favorite hometown since 2 months ago... miss all of them back in my sweet hometown... haih... hate the working life... luckily there is someone that enlighten my day when i feel down... hehehe.. that will be my cute cute "rabbit" beside me... thanks a lot..

Working life....

25 April 2010

For me Working = wake up early and spend the rest of my day without rest..
Dislike the feeling of wake up early..
Like the feeling of getting money at the end of the month..
Spending like nobody business..
Shop like nobody business..
Eat like nobody business..
There are still years for me to struggle..
This make me think back the old sweet time..
Enjoy with friend..
Hangout with friend..
vocation with friend..
Ponteng together with friend..

Times has gone..
Thing have change..
From a small little girl..
I have turn into a young working adult..

When will all this stop..?

04 March 2010

U noe tat i don like it.. u noe tat will hurt me.. u noe tat will make me even more upset.. u noe tat will make me suspect.. y u still keep on doing it..? without the phone u cant survive..? izzit cos the phone is the medium between u n her tat y u need it to communicate wif her..? y u keep hurting me over n over again..? i d try my very best to do watevea i can.. i try to swallow everything d.. i try to keep silent on certain thing d.. i try to bear wif u d.. y u did this to me..? i feel like running out form here.. but i cant.. i feel to going somewhere tat u couldnt found me.. but i cant.. i feel like breaking up this relationship.. but i cant.. u r making my life miserable.. how u wan me to be..? how..? how..? how..? ....................................................................................................................................

What can i do to make u love me...??

03 March 2010

something wrong some where.. i cant figure it out.. something keep on hide inside my heart.. i don noe wat it is.. i hope i can be like last time.. but i think its had change.. anything i can do to gain back things that belong to me..? the feeling of losing someone is so near and is hunting me everyday n night.. i dowan this anymore.. i take take this anymore.. i dowan to be an investigator.. but i cant.. i dowan to be story creator.. but i cant.. i dowan to be psychiatrist.. but i cant.. nth help me to make my day but u.. i;m crazy till only when i see u i will feel safe n secure.. y this happen to me..? y keep on pouring all sort of prob..? i thought we can be long lasting n forever.. i thought we can comfort each other thru the whole life.. i thought we can be the perfect couple..? i thought we can be still holding hands when we were old.. Yeah.. all this is what i thought.. wat about u..? do u ever think of tat..? wat i do to make u love me like wat u did last time..? wat can i do..? wat can i do..? who is more important in ur life..? until today i keep on searching for the answer..


25 February 2010

Haih.. been searching for jobs for almost 2 months d.. but i still hvnt get any feedback form the other parties.. feeling so bored sitting at home and doing nth.. i wan faster get a job and start my career soon.. But important thing is i cant get a job which i don like so i have to carefully look for job n apply asap... Now i even desperate till go to the website and look for job tesco, guardian, watson, carrefour, giant and so.. sad case right..? haih.. Job ar Job.. when u wanna come n find me..

A post for u.. 23th Jan

27 January 2010

A lots of thing happen in this wonderful January.. One of my best fren getting married on this date.. i noe her for more than 10years.. we use to do everything together and share every secret together.. time hv change.. we no longer like last time.. we have the least contact, we don meet each other more than months.. we don chat on internet.. BUT.. u're always in my heart.. u're always my best fren ever.. everything might change but the realtionship between u, me and imn is no longer change.. i hope this is the same in ur heart as well.. u will always be the owner of my heart and not the passersby.. i treasure every moment when 3 of us together.. Wish u all the best, miss n love u forever.. Congratulation and enjoy wif ur love one forever n ever..

what a lovely couple.. congrate Li Liang & Hoi Ching

Most of the secondary sch fren.. some i hv not see them since form 5

Sweet sweet bride..

Remove Formatting from selectionDuring the dinner..

Late Post for 13th Jan..

What a sad and suffering day for me.. i just hit a jackpot where 4 of us only me that got it.. what a lucky day to me man.. before that i was just lauging at one of my fren who just come out from hospital wif the same sickness as me.. who noe..?? the next 1 is me.. what the.. really CHEH..
people who noe me well, u should noe that in my life time the most scary thing to me is either go for dental or injection.. WOW.. u guy noe that cos of worry that they might give me a drip.. that y i die die also dowan go hospital during the first day i fever.. but after the third day i still suffering and i hv no choice cos mom is nugging non stop.. i thought i just need to suffer once and tat it.. Mana tau.. everyday the nurse come n "suck blood" reason - need to check and monitor whether is positive or negative.. what the ---- .. i'm like everyday donating blood.. everytime i saw the nurse i feel like crying and don noe wat to do.. haih.. no one is by my side when i gone thru all this.. mom is bz fetching sibling and grandparents.. else, dear hv to go back kl cos start class d.. haih.. Thanks Mae yin and her mom for visit, dear ah ma and my uncle aunty.. of cos not forgetting Jo for ur peel fresh which make me cough more.. hahahaha... just kidding la.. enjoy ur care when i suffer.. next time cant find a job can consider be a nurse.. haha..

According to anonymous, when i'm sick i turn into another person which is more ladylike.. hahaha.. never see tat..?? too bad u hv no more chance to see tat.. haha..